Refund plugin for nopCommerce

Advanced refunding and refund reporting to NopCommerce In Development


Refunds NopCommerce Plugin

Sometimes Refunds must be made. There's no avoiding it. NopCommerce's core product does handle refunds, but when it comes to producing your accounts at the end of the year, it can be a nightmare to reconcile against your bank statements. Also ask yourself, what is the main reason for making refunds? Why was an order refunded? What are the most refunded products? All questions that as your business begins to scale into a medium or large size store you'll be faced with.

Ninvoice Refunds plugin for NopCommerce helps answer many of these questions.


Beta testers wanted

If this plugin sounds interesting to you and you'd like to be involved in its development or have specific feature requests, please email us at so we can involve you in the development process. As an active beta tester for the product you will receive your licence free of charge.

Supported versions


Our intention is to increase support for all 4.x nopCommerce versions. 3.x versions will not be supported unless there is suitable demand.