Sage Pay Direct and Server plugin

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Sage Pay Direct and Server Plugin

Ninvoice has developed what we believe to be the best and most feature complete Sage Pay plugin available on the market for nopCommerce. Download your demo today and see for yourself.


If you have a nopCommerce store and ambitions to use Sage Pay, we have just the plugin for you!

Integrating to Sage Pay isn't the most difficult thing in the world, and it's true, your development team could likely have nopCommerce integrated with a few weeks effort, but would it:

  • Support both Direct and Server integration methods?
  • Run Server integration in an iframe so it appears to the customers they've not left your site?
  • Support both 'Deferred' and 'Payment' payment types?
  • Allow full and partial refunds from directly within nopCommerce's administration?
  • Integrate Capture (Release) with nopCommerce's administration inteface?
  • Smartly determine if Void or Aborts are available instead of issuing a refund?
  • Allow configuration of 3D Secure per card type (Direct only)?
  • Restore shopping carts and adjust stock after payments have failed?
  • Have a super helpful and super easy installation process?
  • Be backed by nopCommerce and Sage Pay integration experts?
In truth... probably not. Your team would likely end up pouring through the endless Sage Pay integration documentation.

Supported versions

3.3 3.4 3.5

We support the latest three minor versions of nopCommerce. As new versions are released, we aim to support add support within two weeks, however no further updates will to the eldest version.


Our plugins come with support. We're on hand to answer your questions and get you started and keep you going.


The nopCommerce Sage Pay plugin is still getting love from Ninvoice. We're working on new capabilities for it to make it better, these include:

  • Support the Sage Pay Simulator
  • Ability to take card details before the customer places an order
  • Override default nopCommerce behaviours to not send emails until the order is Paid or Authorised.