SendGrid plugin for nopCommerce

Send transactional emails by SendGrid available


SendGrid NopCommerce Plugin

SendGrid is a service offered by Twilio for sending transactional and bulk email. Its recommended way of sending emails is through its API. This plugin will replace nopCommerce's built in SMTP email accounts with calls to the SendGrid API for sending mail.

£15.00 including VAT

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If you're using SendGrid as your email sending provider, this plugin is for you.

Getting started with the plugin couldn't be easier.

  • Fully functional Trial version available. It only includes nags on the messages sent in the emails.
  • Simple configuration and installation.
  • Requires only outbound HTTPS connections to send emails. Many providers block outbound connections for SMTP to prevent spamming.
  • Support multiple stores.

Supported versions

4.2 4.3 RC

Our intention is to increase support for all 4.x nopCommerce versions. 3.x versions will not be supported unless there is suitable demand.


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