Slack plugin for nopCommerce

Push notifications from your nopCommerce store to Slack in minutes available


Slack NopCommerce Plugin

Slack has quickly become the collaboration tool of choice for collaborative companies large and small. Gone are (or at least, gone should be) the days of employees communicating by email. The Ninvoice Slack plugin for nopCommerce pushes key events to Slack directly from your nopCommerce store.

£10.00 including VAT

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If your teams already use or intend to use Slack, this plugin will be for you.

Getting started with the plugin couldn't be easier.

  • Fully functional Trial version available. It only includes nags on the messages posted to Slack.
  • Simple configuration and installation.
  • Send key events, such as new orders being placed and paid for or cancelled to Slack.
  • Configure which Slack channel a particular event will be sent to.
  • Support multiple stores.

The plugin will share customer and sales information with Slack through its APIs.

Supported versions

4.2 4.3 RC

Our intention is to increase support for all 4.x nopCommerce versions. 3.x versions will not be supported unless there is suitable demand.


Our plugins come with support. We're on hand to answer your questions to get you started and keep you going.


The nopCommerce Slack plugin is a simple plugin from Ninvoice, but through development we see enormous potential. Currently, the Slack plugin only pushes notifications to Slack, but we see in the future where Slack will become a portal into a nopCommerce store. For example by asking an order status directly to a Slack bot, or controlling refund work flows within Slack.

The product for sale here will be a 'Slack Lite' with a 'Slack Pro' plugin coming later if adoption is high enough. Rest assured, anyone who bought this plugin before the release of Slack Pro will be offered the upgrade for free.