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nopCommerce Development

Have your high-quality plugins for nopCommerce built by the professionals.

Solution Development

Have your business solution designed and built by us using the latest and best practices and technology.

Order Guard (Anti-fraud)

Under development. Your front line in fraud protection. We'll proactively alert you to high risk transactions.

Redefining development for Small Businesses

First class systems for small businesses

Much of Ninvoice's income comes from consultancy. Our services are hired out at many hundreds of pounds a day to some of the largest companies in the UK. We design and build first class, enterprise grade systems that are far out of the reach of the average 'Mum and Dad' eCommerce store or Joe's Window Cleaner.

Democratising enterprise software and systems

Why is it right that to have great software you'll need huge budgets? Why is that when you search on Amazon or eBay you get amazing search results, or their site uncannily recommends products to you that you didn't know you wanted, but now you definitely do. The reason is these companies invest millions if not billions into their systems. No way a small Mum and Dad ecommece shop could compete. Right?

Not necessarily...

In this new cloudy world we live in, technology companies such as Microsoft are bringing products to the market that bring enterprise capabilities to much smaller companies. This is great - we love it. The problem is that there is still work required to connect them up. You'll still need to hire a developer or two to link them up. Developers aren't cheap, and so it becomes a case of 'an inch is as good as a mile' because micro businesses and small business still cannot get access.

This is where Ninvoice comes in. The chances are that you use a some off the shelf software such as NopCommerce for your store front. Many other people use the same product and have roughly the same needs and face the same problems. It doesn't matter than you sell umbrellas and someone else sells car engine parts. Developing the glue is still expensive and skilled work, the difference is that Ninvoice will build the connectors, or plugins to join up common store fronts with this much more sophisticated technology, and the development costs are shared our between you and many other companies.

Estimating cost is always difficult. However, unlike most development companies, we don't always insist on you covering the whole cost of the project. We are always looking for opportunities for us to find new partners. We'd rather build a software once, and sell it a thousand times, rather than build some software and sell it once.

Contact us if you need software built.

We work hard and invest a lot of energy to keep up with latest and emerging technology trends. Microsoft azurew

We take care and pride in all of our work - and that's why we feel comfortable offering great support. We're never more than an email or phone call away, and will always do our best to get you and and running.