Order Guard Fraud Protection System

Order Guard is Ninvoice's flagship product that is currectly under development

Order Guard

Safer online trading with Order Guard

There's no other way of saying it: fraud sucks. And sadly, the legal and banking systems are calibrated against the seller. Sage Pay do offer some of the best fraud screening around, but unfortunately, unless you watch it with hawk eye, you'll often only know about their warnings after you've had a chargeback. Order Guard is your tireless assistant who is pressing the refresh button on the Sage Pay website 24 hours a day, and who will let you know if if Sage Pay singles out an order as high risk.

Order Guard:

  • Watches your Sage Pay account 24 hours a day for high risk transactions
  • Will text or email immediately on finding a suspicious order
  • Gives rich integration. Put your order on hold so as not to be processes.
  • Offers monthly or annual subscriptions

What is Order Guard

Order Guard is an online application allows small to medium businesses who use Sage Pay to give themselves an extra layer of protect. Sage Pay offer some great fraud indicators - but unfortunately they often come too late to protect against fraud, or involve a very keen eye on their portal to see high risk transactions.

Order Guard keeps a watch on them for you. When Order Guard sees a highrisk transaction, it will contact the store owner with an email or text message to alert them of the high risk transaction. Once alerted, the store owner can review the order at risk, and make a better informed decision on how to process. It may be the store owner cancels the order, request it is paid for by another means or run additional verification.

The key point is, the store owner had the opportunity to know about the error ahead of time.

Order Guard

When is Order Guard going to be available

Key components of Order Guard are already in use and protecting a limited number of store owners. However, the fully commercial offering is expected to become available around Summer 15. If you wish to get early access, please email us. sales@ninvoice.com

How much will Order Guard cost

The commercial details of Order Guard is still under discussion, however, the price will vary depending on the number of monitors and transactions and frequency you'll need them checked. Monthly and Annual plans will be available.

What technology does Order Guard make use of?

Order Guard is built 'from the cloud up' using a whole laundry list of the very latest Microsoft technologies.

  • C#
  • MVC 5
  • SQL Azure
  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure Service Bus